Break Free From Stress & Anxiety

MODULE 6 – “Should-ing”

How many times a day do you “should” on yourself? Learning to stop is vital for your wellbeing.


Grab your journal and answer the following questions:

Part 1 – Release the pressure:

    • What expectations or SHOULDS do you have of yourself right now that are causing you to fall short?
    • What can you choose to LET GO of right now?

Part 2 – Get clear on what you want:

    • If money wasn’t a concern, what would your perfect life look like?
    • In this life (above), what does your perfect Tuesday look like (map out the entire day in great detail)?

Part 2 – Reflect and take action:

    • How did this exercise change your perspective on what’s really important right now?
    • What’s one thing you can do TODAY that will get you one step closer to your perfect day?

You Have An Inner Tiger

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